Bloodydecks Sticker Pack- 3 Decals

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Bloodydecks decals are back!
Pick 3 decals of your choice. Each decal comes in red and silver. 

Decals are made to order and may take a few days to ship.

Decal application: Peel off paper backing, stick to the surface with masking tape attached, run a credit card or hard plastic edge over backing many times, slowly peel back the masking tape backing at an angle.

Name list of decals: OG Tuna, OG Mako, OG Rooster Fish, OG Dorado, OG Wahoo, OG Calico Bass, OG Yellowtail, OG Marlin, OG Ca Lobster, Popper, Iron, Sideways Tuna, X-Eye Tuna, X-Eye Dorado, Bloodydecks Established.

*Sticker sizes are approximate